Zoltán Kodály

Zoltán Kodály


"The characteristics of a good musician can be summarized as follows:

1.  A well-trained ear.
2.  A well-trained intelligence.
3.  A well-trained heart.
4.  A well-trained hand.

All four must develop together, in constant equilibrium.  As soon as one lags behind or rushes ahead, there is something wrong.  So far most of you have met only the requirement of the fourth point:  the training of your fingers has left the rest far behind.    You would have achieved the same results more quickly and easily, however, if your training in the other three had kept pace." 

From 'Selected Writings of Zoltán Kodály' (Kodály, 1954)


The Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia Inc is an organisation of people committed to music for everyone. We are united in the philosophy developed by Hungarian composer, Zoltan Kodály. Kodály stated that music education is the right of every child. He established that a sequential, cumulative and developmental program, based on an aural-vocal approach, is the most inclusive and effective way to develop musical literacy for people of all age groups. 

The Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia was founded by Deanna Hoermann in 1973. Now, with approximately 800 members in Australia, the Institute consists of State branches in the ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, and WA, with chapters in Armidale, Mackay and Townsville, along with the do-re-mi organisation which provides classes for young children. We also have some members in South East Asia. 

The Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia is an affiliated member of the International Kodály Society

Our members specialise in a number of areas of music education from birth through to seniors: new parent and early childhood activities, school classrooms, studio teaching, as well as choral, conducting and instrumental activities. State Branches and Chapters support members by providing workshops, newsletters, and conferences, and the national KMEIA provides a biennial National Conference.

The Australian Kodály Certificate is offered by the Institute in the fields of early childhood, primary, secondary and string teaching. 

The Australian Kodály Certificate is accepted for credit towards post-graduate study at several universities in Australia as well as at the Liszt Academy in Hungary.