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Due to the the course readily approaching, please TEXT message (or phone) 0411 343 576 that you have completed an application so we can ensure we have received and processed it in time. Thanks.

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Due to the the course readily approaching, please TEXT message (or phone) 0411 343 576 so we can ensure we have received your application.



Primary 1 OR Secondary 1

January 8th to January 12th 2018 AND April 16th to April 20th 2018.

Held at Tabor Music Department, 68 Greenhill Road, Wayville SA.

Contact: 8365 1515  Email: kodalysa@gmail.com  Facebook: Kodaly SA

Cost : $1100 Full Certificate, $600 Audit (No assessment. Observation only).  $600 Student (under-graduate). A non-refundable deposit of 10% required at time of registration..  Payment plans, split payments or installments can be arranged.

About the certificate

The Australian Kodály Certificate (AKC) is awarded on completion of a professional development course. This course provides pre-service and current classroom and studio music teachers with the skills and knowledge to deliver a sequential, cumulative, developmental and aural-based music curriculum. The AKC is the only Australian fully accredited and nationally recognised program of teacher training in the Kodály approach. It was established some 20 years ago in Australia and during this time over 150 teachers have successfully completed the requirements. The certificate is normally completed over three years of part time study, and participants choose to complete a three year sequence in one area of specialisation: Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary or Colourstrings. In 2018, South Australia will offer Primary and Secondary courses.  Full details of the curriculum and requirements can be found on the national website www.kodaly.org.au  

An overview of the curriculum:  The curriculum for this award has been modelled on outstanding international Kodály programs and adapted to suit the needs of Australian educators. It is comprehensive, rigorous and involves a mixture of both hands-on (practical) and lecture style tuition. Peer education is an important part of the training and the course is delivered by experienced and accredited lecturers who are working teachers and expert in their specific field of Kodály study.

Candidates for the Australian Kodály Certificate (AKC) must complete the three levels of study in their chosen specialization - Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary or Colourstrings (180 hours).  Each level of study consists of six modules.

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