The AKC is the only Australian fully accredited and nationally recognized program of teacher training in the Kodály approach. It was established some 20 years ago and during this time over 150 teachers have successfully completed the requirements. The certificate is normally completed over three years of part time study. 

In 2018,  Adelaide will offer the AKC Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary  10-day course. Both Primary and Secondary specialisations have 3 levels.Courses offered will depend on the number of applicants. The curriculum for this award has been modelled on outstanding international Kodály programs and adapted to suit the needs of Australian educators. It is comprehensive, rigorous and involves a mixture of both hands-on (practical) and lecture style tuition. The curriculum for the  sets out a minimum of 60 contact hours of study across the following areas: Musicianship, Methodology, Teaching Techniques, Cultural Materials, Choral and Ensemble Techniques, Arranging and Choir.   

The South Australian Branch will offer the program as two 5-day intensive courses allowing participants time to practice and complete assessment tasks between each 5-day block. The 60 hours offered can also be used as SA Teacher Registration Professional Development. Our presenters are highly trained in the AKC and hold both the AKC and tertiary qualifications in Music Education.
We encourage you to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity for professional development in South Australia.

One level of the AKC in Adelaide qualifies for 6 credit points (one subject equivalent) of a Bachelor's degree (Music Major) at Tabor Adelaide. The AKC also qualifies for almost half of a Masters of Arts (Music Research) at Tabor Adelaide. No need to finish the AKC, as long as you are enrolled you can begin the Masters. 

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Curriculum includes:

Musicianship. (15 hours) The study of sight-singing, score reading, aural perception, musical dictation and analysis.
Methodology. (15 hours) The application of Kodály’s principles in curriculum, teaching techniques and lesson planning.
Teaching Techniques. (5 hours) The practical application of teaching strategies.
Cultural Materials
 (5 hours)Learning, collecting and analysing folk music.
Choral and Ensemble Techniques. (10 hours) Choral conducting, rehearsal strategies and vocal production.
Extension Studies (10 hours) Music Studies, singing and classroom music.

Costs for 2018 AKC:

  • Early Childhood  $1000
  • Level One (Primary 1 or Secondary 1) $1100
  • Full-time Undergrad student: $600
  • Audit: Part A and B (both weeks) $600
  • Audit Part A only $400 (no Part B without Part A)

Payments in installments/split payments or other alternatives by prior arrangement. 
Costs include 60 hours of professional development and assessments, morning tea, booklet of resources and certificate.

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Accommodation Suggestions: 
Adelaide Hyde Park Apartment, $130 p/night. Suits up to four guests.
Hyde Park Cottage. Suits up to six guests.
Festival Stays Goodwood Apartment, Millswood, $125 p/night. Suits up to four guests.
The AKC people are a friendly bunch so let us know if you are happy to share an apartment with fellow AKC participants or join the Kodaly Friends, and Kodaly SA Facebook sites.

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