KMEIA AKC Scholarships and Awards

It is with great pleasure that I announce we are now accepting applications for the 2018 Australian Kodály Scholarship (AKS) and Enid Scott Conference Award (ESCA). Both are awarded biennially at the KMEIA National Conference.

The Australian Kodály Scholarship (AKS) provides financial assistance to Australian citizens towards a project (e.g. professional development, research investigation, resource development) informed by the Kodály philosophy of music education.

The Enid Scott Conference Award (ESCA) recognises Australian citizens who have contributed exemplary voluntary services to KMEIA and provides financial assistance towards attendance at the biennial KMEIA National Conference. 

Detailed information regarding the AKS and ESCA, including past recipients, can be found on the national website ( Please note that applications must be received electronically to the National Administrator by 31 March 2018.

The KMEIA National Council are delighted to offer these opportunities and greatly look forward to receiving your application/nomination.

Kind regards

Jason Goopy
National Vice President
Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia Inc.

National Kodály Conference 2016

The 2016 Kodály National Conference “Shared Identities” encourages the community to reflect on the Kodály educator and musician’s identity in their own individual circumstances; as a musical community and how we are perceived on the broader “world stage.” The conference features world class sessions from local and international presenters with topics ranging from classroom to choral, and encompassing all age groups.