Test Your Musicianship

Most of our workshops and conferences have a musicianship session. This session is aimed at improving your personal music skills. You can use the questions below to assess your current musicianship level. 

Question 1:
1a) Can you sing this?   1b) Can you sing it with solfa and handsigns?




If you have answered 'No' to both questions, please select "Introduction to Musicianship" 

If you have answered 1a) 'Yes' and 1b) 'No' to the above question, please select "Level 1"

If you have answered ' Yes to both the above questions, please move on to question 2


Question 2:
2a) Can you sing this? (Without reference to an instrument except to find the starting pitch)
2b) Can you sing this with solfa handsigns?



 If you have answered 2a) 'Yes' and 2b) 'No' to the above please select "Level 2"

If you have answered "Yes' and 'Yes' to the above question please select "Level 3" or try question 3.

Question 3:
Can you sing in solfa and handsign this without reference to an instrument except to find a starting pitch?
If yes, select level 4. If no, select level 3.



There are usually three or four levels for musicianship at our SA workshops. Musicianship is aimed to challenge you and increase your musical ability. At the beginning of a musicianship workshop, if it is too easy or too hard for you, you may switch levels. But please do this as early as possible. This page should help you work out which musicianship level may be best for you. 

SA Musicianship Levels:


Level One - Introduction to Musicianship

  • - Learn how to read music in solfa
  • - Learn handsigns
  • - Learn the principles of Kodaly musicianship
  • - All your questions will be uncovered!


Level Two - Intermediate

  • - If you are a musician who can read music but cannot read solfa, this is a good place for you.
  • - No sharps or flats
  • - Lots of pentatonic music (do re mi so la)
  • - Canons and ostinatos


Level Three - Advanced 1

  • - The full major scale
  • - Sharps and flats
  • - Canons - singing/hand signs/ostinatos
  • - Dictations


Level Four - Advanced 2

  • - Modulations in music
  • - Modes 
  • - Chromatic scales/ diatonic music
  • - Two part hand-signing
  • - Anything we can throw at you!