SA Committee

Dr Janelle Fletcher

Gaby Freer

Treasurer/Membership Admin
Marg Lange OAM

Kirrabelle Lovell

Resources/ CEASA  Penny Hewson

Resources/ CEASA
Penny Hewson

SA Website  Paula Grasby

SA Website
Paula Grasby

Newsletter Sub editer   Lucy Pfeifer

Newsletter Sub editer

Lucy Pfeifer

Indigenous Music  Sasha Andersson

Indigenous Music
Sasha Andersson

KMEIA SA Role Interests & Specialties
President/ ASME Rep/ AKC Coordinator
Dr Janelle Fletcher Upper primary, Secondary and Tertiary music education. Choral Conducting, Choirs & Musicianship. Contact:
Vice-President/CEASA Rep
Gaby Freer Primary Music, Recorder and Choir, Piano performance and accompanying.
Membership Administrator/ Treasurer/PR
Margaret Lange OAM Kodály SA founder, History of Kodály in SA, choirs, Musicianship and Kodály repertoire
Kirrabelle Lovell Primary Music, Orff Schulwerk, Choirs, Recorder
Penny Hewson Family music, group music, Lecturing in early childhood music
SA Website
Paula Grasby Primary Music , choir, singing and Musicianship
Resources Team
Lucy Pfeifer Primary Music and performing arts, choir, singing and musicianship
General Comittee Member
Sasha Andersson Primary Music, Multicultural and indegenous music,music in rural schools

Friends of the committee and interests/specialities *

  • Beth Brady- Equipment Management: Strings, instrumental, music therapy
  • Margaret Jackson- Catering: Primary Music, Instrumental, Concert band, woodwing ensembles and conducting.
  • Susan Scott - Performing Arts.
  • Neal Holmes- Website,Online forms/member emails:- Instrumental, Concert band, woodwind ensembles and Conducting.
  • Lisa Williamson- Resource/Bookshop Assistant Primary music, Performing arts
  • Adrienne Cullity: Catering - Primary Music, Recorder and Choir, piano performance and accompanying
  • Yvonne Tysoe- News letter Editor- Book publications, Early years
  • Cathy Nicholls- Primary music